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Father and Son's

Mark Anthony Snow, Sr.
Mark Anthony Snow, Jr.
Shawn Allen Snow

Dear Friends,

In just in a short time, you can be making an excellent income as a certified self-defense
trainer through the Snow's Club Of Street Survival.

Before you can say that this is not for you, take a look at what you donít
need to become a success running a business as a Certified Self-Defense Instructor:

  • You do not need to be experience in running a self-defense
    business, We will teach you what you need to know !
  • You do not need to be experience as a fighter !
  • You do not need to be experience in martial arts !
  • You do not need to be experience in the physical fitness
    business to teach self-defense !

  • Everything you need to become a Certified Self-Defense Instructor can be found
    here on this site through our Self-Defense Certification Program.

    You will make a great income through this business, especially when
    crime rate is so high as it is today !

    As a Certified Self-Defense Instructor, you'll be running your own
    self-defense business and making your own hours. Youíll be working
    when you want - at your own pace.

    Youíre the boss, and you do not have to answer to anyone !

    And you can be proud of what you are providing, a extremely valuable
    service for your community. Itís a business you can take to any
    level you choose because it is in demand for todays streets with
    the crime rates as high as they are. You can teach part-time while
    doing your regaler work...or you can turn it into a full time
    thriving Business with a offices and training employees as
    assistant instructors working for you. Heck you can open more then
    one business making you even more income .

    Thats why your certification from us will make all this possible because
    you will have the skill's and people will be willing to pay
    you great money for this service to protect their selves and their love ones.
    And that's because you'll hold the "key" to making
    huge impacts on their lives by helping them to protect themselves
    and helping them protect their loved ones.

    No Special Skills Needed, Just You !
    This is a business anyone can do. You don't need any martial arts or
    fighting experience. You don't need a degree or any special education.
    You don't need any expensive equipment. All you need to
    get started in the self-defense business is our self-defense certification
    and a love to help people of all ages protect themselves.

    You and your Self-Defense Business will be Backed by a Certified
    Self-Defense Instructor and a holder of High Ranks in the Martial Arts
    Field - Mark Anthony Snow, Sr. and son - Mark Anthony Snow,
    Jr. Assistant Instructor and one of the toughest S.O.B.'s
    that I know in the grappling fields and undefeated on the streets

    With rising violent crime rates, the demand for effective self-defense
    training is in demand. Unlike a martial arts school,
    your clients will come to you to learn the simple, effective
    self-defense techniques that really work without the
    expense and long-term commitment of learning a martial art.

    What you will find on this site.

    Membership Patch can be purchase here at the above picture link.

    Certificates Designs Page - "FREE FOR EVERYONE !" .
    Let us designs Certificates for your own personal use . We have sold many
    of these certification on ebay and on the web with great response from our customers .
    We can do not only Martial Arts, Self-Defense, we can also do
    School Sports Certification, Business Certification, "ANY", Certificates
    you want created, just send us your designs .

    Rank Advancement Page - Info about Rank Advancement for your current
    martial arts training. ( Enter this page with a membership password )

    Who's Who Page - for all members, your name , rank, system, address,
    e-mail, web page, with a picture of you place on this page with some
    info that you can add to it . You send me a .JPG picture of you and a text
    with all the info we requested and info you would like to place
    on the page to help get business for you . ( Viewed By All Visitors ! )

    SCSS Weapon's Registry

    Master Stevan Lor II Dedication Page

    Self-Defense International
    Professor Winston Thompson was also a student as I was with the
    American Southwest Academy of Fighting Arts where we both was Certified as Self-Defense Instructors
    Click on his logo to go to his about the founder page.

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